Smart Parking arrives in Mosman

Traffic and parking feature strongly in the minds of residents and local business owners in Mosman. They have consistently rated in the “Top 3” issues for Mosman residents in four consecutive biennial surveys.

In the most recent survey, conducted in April 2016, 33% of respondents identified traffic and parking collectively as the major local issue facing Mosman over the next 5-10 years.

To address local concerns a comprehensive parking study was commissioned by Council in 2015. The Mosman Parking Strategy, developed by Parking & Traffic Consultants, identifies key outcomes across a number of areas which include:

  • Better management of existing spaces
  • Improvements to timed restrictions
  • Provision of equitable access for all user groups
  • Improvements to signage and wayfinding
  • Updates to parking safety and amenity
  • Enforcement policy
  • Paid parking opportunities
  • Increases in sustainable and non-car trips

Council is invested in using the latest technology to help solve current parking issues. One of its – most recent innovations has been the introduction of Smart Parking technology.

The Smart Parking deployment sees the installation of 158 on-street parking bay sensors, 215 off-street parking bay sensors, 509 overhead guidance indicators in 3 multistorey carparks, 49 LED parking availability signs and plinths and the introduction of the ‘Park Mosman’ parking availability App for mobile phones and tablets.

The new technology now means residents and other motorists can easily check availability for Vista Street, Bridgepoint, Marque, Mosman Square, Raglan Street East and Raglan Street West car parks and on-street parking in Military Road and adjoining streets before they even leave home.

By introducing smart parking technology Mosman Council is aiming to:

  • Improve the parking user experience for free and paid parking, both on and off-street;
  • Decrease user travel times and time spent ‘circling’ for parking and congestion in Mosman and reducing user carbon footprint through reduced emissions;
  • Improve user compliance and parking enforcement efficiency;
  • Improve access to local businesses.

“Smart Parking technology has been introduced as an effective way to address Mosman’s long-standing parking issues. The new system will deliver major benefits for people visiting Mosman as well as those living and working in the precinct. It has the potential to save motorists time and reduce traffic congestion while providing a better overall parking experience. There are also set to be advantages for Mosman retailers and businesses as improved access to parking spaces will give residents and visitors greater access in a more convenient and efficient manner.” Craig Covich, Director of Environment and Planning, Mosman Council

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