LPR technology that does much more than read license plates

One of the biggest challenges facing the car parking industry today is a lack of accuracy. Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) rates are commonly sitting well below a hundred percent and recently proving insufficient alone, as more and more drivers go out of their way to disguise their plates in an effort to avoid penalties for wrongdoing.

Facilitating this is a growing black market for 3D printed license plates, a major concern for police, roads authorities and victimised individuals alike. This results in parking owners and operators being impacted by revenue leakage, falling customer satisfaction levels and operational inefficiency. Recent events have caused large scale drops in occupancy, translating directly to significantly lower revenue. However, as more people return to work the parking industry will likely see a resurgence in the use of private vehicles due to the current risks associated with public transit. Deep Recognition’s Multi-Factor Vehicle Recognition & Valet technology provides more efficient technology to accurately and effectively manage the oncoming demand.

Beginning with the entry and exit points, Deep Recognition provide effective solutions by ensuring guaranteed ALPR accuracy. Never missing the capture of a vehicle (including tailgating & counterfeit license plates), as well as introducing smarter, more efficient technology to track and enhance customer satisfaction levels, adding value to the parking experience and moving it from being a necessary evil to a valued part of the driver’s day.

Deep Recognition’s Multi-Factor Vehicle Recognition technology can also become a more personalised and stimulating experience. Offering targeted parking options and programmatic advertising triggered by vehicle features including speed, time/day, climate, congestion, or customer loyalty, which would quickly cover the costs of new infrastructure. A great example of this technology in action can be seen here, though not being utilised in a parking environment, it uses many of the same triggers.

Programmed to auto-adjust to the dimensions of the car, Deep Recognition’s technologically advanced bollards utilise high resolution cameras, laser driven sensor technology and proximity activated smart lighting. This, in conjunction with intelligent lane design takes a holistic approach to car parking, using special features designed to deal with environmental factors, thus enabling the highest possible accuracy every time. By obtaining an accurate identification of the car on entry, exiting the car park can be provided frictionlessly with auto-activated boom gates already up, allowing for a smooth, contactless exit, contributing to increased customer satisfaction, car park occupancy and overall revenue.

Further enhancing the overall design is in the entry and exit raised lane flooring. Made from environmentally conscious upcycled high strength plastic, it ensures speed control for added safety and can feature embedded LED lighting, company advertising and more. This elevates the look and feel of the structure from the get-go, making the entrance and exit much more attractive to customers. It also eliminates the use of expensive ground coils which are currently utilised as standard in today’s technology.

Also incorporated into the design is a VIP Valet experience, for those drivers who prefer a more upscale level of customer care. Specially designed to perform a detailed scan of the vehicle on both entry and exit, our technology records and recognises vehicle damage thereby avoiding expensive damage claims. This presents the opportunity to offer on-site repairs, thereby increasing revenue and ensures an enviable level of customer satisfaction. This additional service assists operators to measure customer experience levels empirically, connecting channels to gain a singular view of the customer and understand their behaviour to help improve services and provide additional revenue streams.

Deep Recognition’s Multi-Factor Vehicle Recognition & Valet technology can also partner with end-to-end parking guidance systems for License Plate Recognition validation, providing a fully integrated parking experience from start to finish.

For further information regarding Deep Recognition’s Multi-Factor Vehicle Recognition & Valet technology, contact John McGiffin at john.mcgiffin@deeprecognition.io

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