Smart Parking puts an end to searching for an elusive parking spot

There is exciting news for parking in Frankston City with the start of two initiatives.

Free 2-hour parking was reinstated, extending the initiative which ran during COVID-19. Meanwhile, Frankston City’s Smart Parking Trial Project kicks off on 15 August, with new technology to make parking more efficient in our area.

Signage and in-ground sensors are being installed to make way for the 3-year trial, which will:

  • help drivers locate the closest parking spot to their destination
  • allow for secure, cashless and contactless payment of parking
  • send notifications to drivers when parking time is about to expire
  • reduce congestion in typically high-traffic areas
  • give fairer access to parking by reducing parking over-stays

Simply put, smart parking optimizes space and time in a busy urban environment. It has also been found to reduce travel by up to 10%, helping to reduce climate change.

Mayor Nathan Conroy said, “We hope drivers take advantage of this more efficient way of parking which contributes to fuel economy, reduces traffic and is more sustainable for the environment.”

Council supports business in the area, and believes that improved parking would bring benefits to business. Both businesses and commuters stand to benefit now that Smart Parking is available in the following areas:

  • Wells Street: From Nepean Highway to Young Street
  • Playne Street: From Nepean Highway to Young Street
  • Young Street: From Wells Street to Playne Street
  • Thompson Street: Between Wells Street and Playne Street
  • Young Street East Car Park
  • Playne Street Car Park

Those who wish to use Smart Parking can do so by downloading two apps: the Strada mobile app (for easy and secure payments) and the soon-to-be-available Guidance app (to locate a parking spot).

We know that finding and paying for parking can sometimes be confusing, so we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions on the Frankston City Council website to help drivers better understand how to reap the benefits of Smart Parking.

For this project, Council has partnered with APARC, offering parking management solutions, to ensure that a positive parking experience is offered to Commuters.

The Smart Parking Trial is part of a larger initiative to use technology and innovation to take Frankston City to the future, and was first listed in the Council Plan 2022-2023 following community consultation.

Free 2-hour car parking

In addition to smart parking, 2-hour free parking has also been reinstated in the following areas:

  • Mechanics Hall
  • Cranbourne Rd (Fletcher Rd car park)
  • Playne Street carpark
  • Young Street East Car Park

Previous media release: Frankston launches Smart City Partnership with eyes on the future – Frankston City Council

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