The world’s biggest bay-finding project using AI Engine & Image Processing

Every day, in cities all over the world, millions of people are searching for parking, creating massive traffic congestion as well as emissions thereby harming the environment. Every one of us can relate to this frustration. To change that, we need a reliable parking solution on the go.

Last year Curtin University decided to put to the test a selection of parking solutions, to find out who would be the most accurate, provide real-time data and have a navigation system that can balance traffic between multiple car parks. Few solutions have been chosen in order to compare bay finding technologies in the market. ParKam was one of the chosen companies, with innovative image processing and AI based; it managed to demonstrate the accuracy of the system – above 99%.

ParKam navigation system is the only one worldwide, that navigates inside the car park turn by turn to the available bay. As ParKam is an image processing solution, it’s overlooking the whole car park and not only the bays. It can detect traffic trends in the car park and make sure the driver is pointed to an available bay, that will remain available for them.

This powerful system maximises the car park to its full potential. Moreover, ParKam can detect, in real time, parking violations in and outside the bays, such as parking on sidewalks, bus stops, double parking, etc.

By utilising these insights ParKam’s mapping technologies and heat maps serve a great source of valuable data for the business and parking lot planning, giving users a data-driven decision tool.


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