Frogparking delivers FrogOne ticketless, frictionless access and revenue control

Frogparking delivers FrogOne ticketless, frictionless access and revenue control at Invercargill Central, New Zealand.
The parking experience at a shopping centre is a crucial first and last interaction in a customer’s experience at a shopping centre.  Customers visit a shopping centre to go shopping – not spend time stuck in a parking lot.

That’s why the team at Invercargill Central made delivering a frictionless and ticketless experience one of their highest priorities.  Invercargill Central is part of a $180 million redevelopment of the central business district of the southernmost city in the world. Frogparking delivered it’s FrogOne Access and Revenue Control system to give the region’s premium retail asset the most premium parking journey.  Our entire suite of parking lot technology makes the experience as simple and as easy than ever before – the platform is designed to get your customers through the parking lot journey as quickly as possible and in the most frictionless way.

See the customer experience here.


The Customer Journey

Tickets are a thing of the past! Fixed License Plate Reader cameras snap a driver’s license plate on entry – to start the customer’s session.

Once they enter the parking lot, Frogparking’s Laser parking guidance technology guides a customer to an available parking space with green and red LED indicator lights and signage. Guidance technology is mounted to the ceiling with Frogparking dropper chandeliers.

When it’s time to leave; if the customer has visited for longer than the hour free period, there are three easy ways of making a payment:

  • Simply drive to the exit, have their license plate snapped and pay via pay wave at the exit,
  • Enter their license plate at a kiosk around the centre, their session is effectively ended and they have 15 minutes to exit the centre. When they get to the gate, their license plate is snapped and it will open because they’ve paid.
  • Pay on the Invercargill Central parking app. The gate opens once they arrive because payment is attributed to their license plate.

Payment kiosks all feature tap-and-go payments with a credit card, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Once the customer gets to the exit, a License Plate Reader camera snaps the license plate, recognises that payment is either already made, not required, or prompts the user to make a payment at the exit.

It’s that easy!


The Technology – FrogOne Access and Revenue Control

Frogparking delivered a full suite of parking technology, including our latest and greatest FrogOne Parking Access and Revenue Control suite.

Frogparking designed, developed, and manufactured parking payment kiosks, featuring a Windcave tap-and-go payment reader, for fast, frictionless, ticketless payments at Invercargill Central. It’s as easy as tap, go, done with your paywave credit card, your Apple Pay, or Google Pay-enabled mobile device. Kiosks are installed at the entries, exits, and inside the centre, to enable customers an easy payment journey.

Payments can also be made on the Invercargill Central parking app, powered by Frogparking.

License Plate Readers at the entry and exit enable freeflow, ticketless entry and exit to the parking lot.

Frogparking also supplied Invercargill Central with entry and exit gates, to create a controlled environment for payments.

All communications for kiosks, LPR cameras, and for gates are wireless, with devices needing wired power only. There are no server racks onsite, with all data being conveniently housed in the cloud, significantly reducing the cost of installation and eliminating the space required onsite to house this infrastructure.


The Technology – Parking Guidance Technology

The customer finds a parking space fast and easy using the Frogparking indoor parking guidance system, sensors, LED guidance lights, and dynamic way-finding signage that directs the driver to an available parking space, fast and easy.

Parking guidance removes the guess work from finding a parking space, removing the stress and meaning the customer is in a better mind-set to shop in the centre. It also saves time for the user, meaning they spend more time shopping and less time circulating the parking lot.


The Project

The $180 million project is broken up into three stages.  Stage one has just opened, with 300 of the 650 parking spaces now open.  Once completed in March 2023, the centre will be a true mixed-used and will feature 85 premium retail stores, 3 restaurants, a food court, an office block, and apartments.  In total, Invercargill Central will have 650 parking spaces.

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