Easing the perils of parking; Frogparking’s automated solution for Carlingford Court

Parking is a necessary evil. It’s something we all do. Before going shopping, hanging out with friends, or before catching a game. It’s the experience before the experience. As someone who has recently joined the parking-sphere, I see parking as something where you either have a neutral experience or a below-average one.

By Christian Hermansen, Brand Manager, Frogparking

This lines up with the feedback I hear from friends, family, and members of the general public. People forget the times where everything worked perfectly but remember the bad times. Circulating for ages not being able to find a space, getting confused by not knowing where to drive, and the resulting congestion; all reasons for a negative parking experience.

Many large providers and operators of parking, particularly shopping centres, airports, and cities, are acknowledging this and are taking steps to ensure the best neutral (or even net positive) experience possible for users of their parking. If only there was some way of automatically displaying occupancy and guiding people to available parking spaces!

Frogparking is well established in Australia. With our suite of parking guidance products including indoor & outdoor sensors, LED lights, dynamic way-finding signage, a mobile app etc. to get people into parking spaces faster and easier. We work with brands like Lend Lease, Vicinity, Mirvac, and many others to deliver a premium parking experience to visitors to their shopping centres.

We recently finished an installation at Carlingford Court, a four-level regional shopping centre in Western Sydney. The centre is operated by Vicinity Centres and has around 80 retailers, including Target, Coles, and Woolworths.

Frogparking’s parking guidance technology is at the cutting edge of the industry. The system, which includes eye-safe laser vehicle sensors, ultra-bright LED guidance lights, and large signs to direct customers through Carlingford Court’s parking structures to an available parking space as quickly as possible was developed and patented by our in-house team of engineers.

Our surface-mounted roof-top sensors, a staple of many of our installations for over 10 years, use three methods of detection (magnetic, infrared, and changes in ambient light) to ensure the highest level of accuracy. They also feature a solar-charged battery – ensuring the longevity of the product.


Our comprehensive back-office dashboard and reporting suite gives operators live and historic occupancy, utilisation, duration, turnover, and many other trends in an easy to read and understandable format. We can also aggregate PARCS data from all the main providers, to give parking operators the full picture at the click of a button from one dashboard.

For the operator, installing parking guidance was about reducing congestion around the parking structures, increasing utilisation to ensure that those hard to find spaces get filled up, improving the customer’s experience, and detailed data and analytics from their parking asset.


We always tell operators that parking guidance improves the experience of their visitors. Making it easy, stress-free, and frictionless means your customer is content when they walk in the door, ready to engage with your offering, rather than lamenting over the bad experience they had in your parking lot.

Instead of talking about it, we decided to let other people talk about it for us. Check out the video we just put together from Carlingford, where people talk about the experience in their own words:

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