ADVI releases thought paper ahead of hypothetical webinar

The Australia and New Zealand Driverless Vehicle Initiative (ADVI) Policy and Risk Group has released a document to challenge the status quo of infrastructure planning by providing thought leadership around how infrastructure must be considered and planned to be most productive as part of the Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) future. 

This paper provides an overview of the topic to be discussed with the ADVI Hypothetical Webinar on Infrastructure Preparedness for Connected and Automated Vehicles and Electric Vehicles. This forms part of a series of hypothetical webinars which ADVI is developing. The first of a planned series of six webinars is on June 15.

Key questions which need to be asked to answer these concerns are: are we building the right infrastructure? Are we allowing for, and thinking of, our future demands? How will the broader system will be entwined? Can governments keep up? Should they try to keep up? What guidance will be provided for infrastructure planners and builders?

Whether wide-spread adoption of self-driving vehicles is two years or 20 years, there is a critical need to start preparing for them to be on our roads. Because transport infrastructure generally has a long lifespan it is important to take the anticipated future needs of self-driving vehicles cars into consideration. Change is currently underway across three key areas of transport, namely: electrification of cars, automation of vehicles, and mobility sharing, and while CAV’s are the focus of this discussion, the progression of these three revolutions are tightly linked. Communications networks, recharging stations, pick up and drop off points will all play into our evolving expectations of transport infrastructure.

Download the full paper here.

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