Will parking operators become the electricity retailers of the future?

With the advent of electric vehicles, and their ability to charge wherever they are parked, a whole new revenue stream is going to open up for those who own and operate car parks.  How can car park operators take advantage of cloud services to gather information about the electricity sector, the charging stations and the cars themselves to better deliver on this new revenue stream? Connected Mobility coalesces at the charging plug.

Tim Washington, Chairperson of the Australian EV Council, the peak industry group for the electric vehicle industry in Australia, will present a session on transitioning to a future with electric vehicles at OUTLOOK 2019.

Australia has to date dragged its feet to adopt the new age of efficient electric mobility. The clear message in this presentation is that the world’s automotive manufactures are winding back the production of internal combustion engine (ICE) powered vehicles and ramping up the development and production of affordable low and zero emissions plug-in vehicles (PEV). By 2030 it will make no economic sense to continue to build petroleum powered vehicles.

This shifts the power of “fueling” from traditional petrol station operators, into those who hold or operate property associated with parking.

Don’t miss Tim’s Session on on 28 November! To find out more – click here.


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