Why Look for the AOS Symbol?

The Accredited Operator Scheme (AOS) is underpinned by a Code of Practice in order to maintain a fair balance between the rights of the motorist and those involved in the management and enforcement of parking on private and unregulated land within Australia.

  • Members of Parking Australia who operate within the private parking sector are required to subscribe to the AOS and adhere to this Code of Practice which defines the core standards necessary to ensure transparency and fairness.
  • The Code of Practice was created not only with reference to the applicable legal provisions also with proper regard to the concerns of the motorist.
  • The Code is enforceable against the members of the AOS and includes a scheme of sanctions (12 points) that can be invoked and result in an operator having its AOS licence withdrawn due to non compliance.
  • The Accredited Operator logo is awarded to parking operators (site) based on a rigorous audit of some 80 criteria relating to parking operations, signage and compliance monitoring.
  • The Accredited Operator Scheme logo will be displayed on those car parking facilities that have been independently audited.
  • AOS members must set out Terms and Conditions of parking and have signage that is audited against a robust set of guidelines.

For more information – click here to download the Accredited Operator Scheme prospectus.

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