Virtual loop solution improves vehicular access for V by Crown

V by Crown Group is a brand new sophisticated boutique complex of residential, commercial and hotel suites. There are more than 500 units in the complex with six levels of underground car parking and a capacity of 750 car spaces. The building opened to the public at the first quarter of 2017. Before the building reached its full capacity, car park users started noticing a delay in exiting the building due to cars accumulating at the exit ramp and the flow stops longer and delayed.
The issue at the V by Crown Skye Hotel Parramatta was the car park exit. The car park layout is two roller-shutters (3.5m wide each) next to each other and it shares a 7m wide decline short ramp, turning right at the end of the ramp to the first basement of the car park (B1). Drivers can enter the car park by remote or intercom access while exit from the car park is detected by an in-ground loop at the middle of the exit lane of the ramp. The driver exiting the car park must stop stationery on the ramp until the door is fully opened which created delays in exiting the car park due to the short time (short distance from the loop to the roller-shutter) between vehicles detected by the loop and the full opening of the exit roller-shutter.

The gradient of the ramp was a challenge for drivers who had less experience, with some cars reversing back before accelerating forward after stopping stationary in the middle of the ramp. This became a safety issue for residence and car park users.

The challenge to rectify this issue was to increase the time (longer distance between the loops and the roller-shutter) between exiting car detection and the roller-shutter fully open. That meant moving the loop from the middle of the ramp to the lower end of the ramp to increase the distance from the loop to the
roller-shutter. This solution created another issue by the entering cars crossing to the exit lane and activating the exit loop that led to open the exit roller-shutter, creating another security issue with exit roller-shutter left open most of the time.

V by Crown management was looking for a solution to manage this parking exit issue. The solution needed to be innovative, non-invasive with minimal impact on residents and building operation.

The proposal to the V by Crown was to use the new virtual loop sensor from OPTEX-Japan OVS-01GT (Viik-GT) that uses a new technology to detect vehicles present and eliminate any human interruption. It is small (approx. 200X10X10 mm), easy to install, easy to setup (does not need a specialised technician) and adjustable detection distance (according to customer requirement).

The advantage of this product is based on its unique, advanced technology and implementation. The installation process is not complex, it doesn’t require a licenced technician or electrician to install the product. V by Crown management were pleased with this proposal and the time required to implement the solution.

The above ground ViiK vehicle detectors are an ideal solution for sites where ground loops cannot be installed, such as where the road surface is damaged or unsealed, paved with cobblestones, or above drains or pipes.

The ViiK OVS-01GT model, which combines Microwave with Ultrasonic technology to sense both a vehicle’s movement and presence, is especially suited to sites where induction loops may have previously been considered, but the customer does not want disruptive ground works.

The virtual loop sensor OVS-01GT is a vehicle presence sensor designed to replace a ground loop. Ground loops have been the industry standard for decades. But they come with inherent problems like:

• Must be installed prior to installation of the road surface otherwise cutting is required
• Cutting comes with its own issues like
• Expense of cutting
• Unsightly cut marks on the driveway
• Roadway must be closed during and immediately after installation
• In many areas, waste needs to be collected and disposed of at additional expense
• Service can present challenges when a loop breaks under the road surface
• Traffic and safety control required during the cutting and installation process

The turnaround time from initial issue to the solution was fast, with no traffic interruption and a full functioning operation.

Innovation and Creativity
The introduction of the above ground vehicle present sensor from OPTEX-Japan OVS-01GT (Viik-GT), is the beginning of a new era to change the concepts of carpark management and operation, the ability to rectify carpark layout at low cost, simple and fast.

The above ground electronic vehicle presence sensor needs to be installed high by (400-500mm), and required 12-24VDC, it will provide selectable (NO/NC) contact to control a roller-shutter, Boom gate or any type of mechanical barrier. There is no requirement for any civil work.

High Performance Technologies was able to install the OVS-01GT (Viik-GT) sensor on the side of the traffic path to give signals to roller-shutter and on the celling to detect if it is hard to install on the side of the pathway.

The Viik-GT can be used in two modes:
– ACTIVATION mode to detect vehicle presence and send control signal to Roller-Shutter.
– PROTECTION mode when it is used as (Pulsed Quantity Control Sensor) to hold the Roller-Shutter or Boom Gate from closing on vehicles, to replace the protection infrared sensor with no need for the reflector part of the infrared sensor.

That is another advantage to the use of the Viik sensor – this innovative product can also be used as a security sensor to connect to an alarm system.

Cost and Benefits Analysis
One of the most significant barriers (no pun intended) to the lucrative vehicular access control market for many installers and integrators is the equipment for civil works when such solutions are installed. The implementation of a ground loops to identify the presence of a vehicle can required the road surface are lifted.

Putting a side, the cost of such works and the need for specialised skills, in many applications the making of good process is fraught with issues. Trying accurately match aged cobbles or obsolete pavers can often be enough to make companies shy away from such applications, which mean that valuable contracts which include other security disciplines can be lost.

High Performance Technologies was able to install the OVS-01GT (Viik-GT) sensor on the side of the traffic pathway to give signals to Roller-Shutter or Boom Gate and on the celling to detect the present of car on certain path when it is hard to install on the side way of the pathway.

High Performance Technologies were finalists in the 2018 Parking Industry Awards in the category of Excellence in Technology & Innovation  – Off Street.

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