Upgraded Parking Solutions for City of Ryde

A growing region like the City of Ryde needs infrastructure systems to match that growth. To manage the public space efficiently, Councils need forward thinking solutions, from parks management to managing parking. For Ryde Council in metropolitan Sydney, this means staying on top of parking demands in the Macquarie Park corridor – an area expected to double in both floor space and working population over the next 14 years.

Coupled with a push towards sustainable public transport solutions for the Macquarie Park corridor, on-street parking developments are still desired to ensure transport choice is in place for everybody.

Bringing parking solutions up to code

A system that provides the latest technology, that is compliant with industry standards and a provider with a good track record in customer service were priorities for the Council when looking to upgrade their current system.

City of Ryde engaged Duncan Solutions for the upgrade of around 70 machines situated in the Macquarie Park Corridor.  The project called for the:

  • Installation of clearer, sharper LCD screens
  • Upgrade to 3G communications that are faster and in line with current technology
  • Installation of a contactless card payment system
  • Upgrade to PEMS, creating a single database for Ryde’s parking data

The new technology is helping the team run a more effective and efficient operation.

Working with PEMS for better feedback

The new ‘Parking Enterprise Management System‘ (PEMS) has enabled City of Ryde Council to monitor multiple operations simultaneously including metropolitan traffic control and enforcement. In particular, it has enhanced their ability to process consumer feedback (by backing up responses with hard data) and other large-scale urban planning decisions.

All told, the installation of PEMS and the upgrade to new TX parking machines took three to four months – a good transition time for a system that will deliver for many years to come.

Responsibility and responsiveness

As with any hi-tech system implementation, there can be teething issues but City of Ryde said the transition went smoothly and were pleased at how responsive the Duncan Solutions team was with sound advice and new options to consider.


Duncan Solutions’ PEMS creates a strong database for local councils.

As more and more local Councils implement smart city solutions, integrated systems will become the norm. By providing better parking management systems, Duncan Solutions has helped many municipal bodies improve data collection, general parking enforcement and end-user experience for some of the busiest parts of the country.

Growth areas like the Macquarie Park Corridor need technology that can handle demand. Ryde Council has the responsibility to always improve smart parking management for safer streets and more efficient services for its community.

As we have shown with our work for City of Ryde, Duncan Solutions is here to make it happen.

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