Three ways that Frogparking can help with your COVID response strategy

People around the world are looking for ways to increase physical distance with each other and reduce contact with shared surfaces to “flatten the curve” and slow the spread of COVID-19 otherwise known as the Coronavirus. Businesses, cities, and households are making changes in this new world that we live in.

By Christian Hermansen, Frogparking’s Brand Manager

With the rapid spread of the COVID-19 pandemic around the world, people have become more and more aware of common surfaces they interact with on a day-to-day basis. With a heightened awareness of how diseases spread, society’s attitude towards shared or common surfaces is changing.

But what does this mean for the parking industry? Many cities and businesses are implementing new processes as part of organisation-wide responses to the virus.

Two cities have seen their existing Frogparking mobile app take an unexpectedly prominent role as part of their strategies to slow the virus and keep some level of normal service for customers during the pandemic.

The City of Laguna Beach and the City of Palmerston North have been able to offer a completely contactless payment experience for visitors and residents. Drivers can choose to avoid interacting with on-street hardware like metres or ticket machines when paying for parking, eliminating interaction with this common surface.

There are three easy ways Frogparking’s technology can help with your post-COVID-19 strategy. Frogparking’s mobile app is a proven solution, with a number of cities, universities, medical facilities, and shopping centres making the app available to their customers to display parking availability, find my car functionality, and contactless parking payment.

  1. Reduce unnecessary contact your visitors have with a shared surface such as a payment or ticket machine.
    Using a piece of hardware the vast majority of people carry around in their pocket, their Apple or Android device. Both are more than capable of processing the same payment, eliminating this contact. Reduce your hardware costs, by simply using your visitor’s own personal hardware.A contactless experience for your users, while also reducing the time your employees spend sanitising or cleaning shared spaces.
  1. Attract your customers back after lockdown by making them feel valued with a premium experience.
    Accurate parking guidance reduces time to park and increases the customer experience by getting your visitors parked faster and enjoying their day sooner.The app can also offer rewards and premium offers for regular visitors. The App is white labelled, so our app team can put your branding on it and really make it your own. Create an alternative revenue stream, by selling advertising space on the App to retailers or other organisations.
  1. Introduce components and improve your parking offering with Frogparking’s technology as your budget allows.
    Frogparking’s system is completely modular. Even with budgets tightening, smart and efficient parking increases parking revenue, can reduce operating costs, and gets your customers parked sooner. Get your foot in the door with the mobile app and add more as your budget allows. Add sensors to get the benefits of space-by-space data and parking guidance, signage, contactless enforcement, cloud-based analytics, dynamic pricing and much more.

Is your city, airport, retail property, university, or health facility the next to offer contactless payments with Frogparking’s mobile app? Contact for more details.

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