Startup SONAH GmbH Enters Australian and New Zealand Markets with Park Agility

SONAH GmbH is partnering with parking solutions provider, Park Agility, to bring its AI-enabled, camera-based sensors from Europe to Australia and New Zealand.

Germany-based SONAH GmbH has been active in the European smart parking market since 2016, with a rich record of successful projects for public and private clients alike. Possessing a similarly excellent reputation in Australia and beyond is Park Agility, a company which designs and implements holistic parking guidance solutions for its clients. As of August 2023, Park Agility will be adding the sought-after capabilities of a camera-based sensor to its portfolio.

SONAH’s GDPR-compliant and camera-based sensors are equipped with advanced artificial intelligence, enabling them to digitise up to 50 parking spots at once per sensor and deliver live and reliable occupancy data with over 98% detection quality. By processing the captured data in real-time, SONAH’s technology provides remarkable accuracy in not only parking space availability, but also in other use cases such as traffic monitoring, vehicle counting, and parking enforcement. Now, the technology will be integrated into Park Agility’s wide range of solutions, including parking guidance systems, wayfinding signage, and precinct signage solutions. Park Agility is excited to add Sonah’s camera-based technology to augment its range of sensors.

“We are delighted to be joining forces with an industry leader in outdoor single parking bay detection. By incorporating a camera-based solution to our service offering, we continue to provide innovative, robust, and accurate technologies to both privately and publicly owned, on and off-street parking assets – and SONAH is the perfect partner to supply Park Agility’s SenseIQ management system with accurate, real-time data on occupancy and usage.” Brad Burrows, General Manager at Park Agility.

“Partnering with Park Agility is really bringing us to the next level. We are set on expanding worldwide and realising our potential on the global stage, and this is a major step forward in our internationalisation strategy. Having such a tech-savvy and experienced partner on our side will help us leverage the markets in Australia and New Zealand – taking us both towards our shared goal of building sustainable and ethical urban areas.” Victor ter Smitten, CEO at SONAH.

About Park Agility:

Park Agility is a leader in parking automation solutions that drive user engagement and operational excellence. Using a blend of software, sensors, directional LED signage and AI, we empower asset managers, cities, owners and parking customers with operational simplicity, higher asset yield, and a sustainable solution that helps to reduce parking stress and emissions.

About SONAH GmbH:

SONAH is a Germany-based smart parking company, supporting cities across Europe in solving multiple everyday parking, traffic, and waste management issues. Using camera-based, embedded vision sensors, SONAH gives cities and businesses the power to simplify complex decisions and work towards healthier, more sustainable city environments.

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