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A recent legal case involving the death of a man who accidentally reversed over the edge of a four story Sydney car park, has highlighted the responsibility for councils and property owners to ensure their car park facilities meet Australian safety standards or risk serious consequences. Car parks can be inherently dangerous environments and the increased factors associated with intense vehicle activity in car park facilities must be managed with extreme care.

To help reduce accidents and manage public safety, car parks are required to install appropriate barriers and safety structures that comply with Australian Standards. For example, compliant vehicle barriers are required where the vertical fall to the adjacent ground level exceeds 600mm (Australian Standards 2890.1-2004). For pedestrian safety, compliant balustrade systems are required where the fall to the adjacent ground level exceeds 1m (Building Code of Australia), and anti-climb balustrades are required where the fall to the adjacent ground level exceeds 4m (Building Code of Australia).

Car park managers and operators should conduct a comprehensive inspection of their car park facilities annually to ensure it is safe and meets Australian compliance requirements. Audits are particularly important if the car park has undergone recent upgrades or the facility was built prior to 1986 when new standards were introduced.

To assist car park owners and managers assess their facilities, Car Park Compliance Solutions offers the following advice:

  • Review your current inspection and maintenance procedures, and ensure those responsible are aware of the current Australian Standards and compliance requirements.
  • Assess the entire facility, including the exterior perimeter, observing and noting areas of risk. For example, check that perimeter balustrades and vehicle barriers are in good condition with no signs of wear or rust and that they can withstand vehicle impact in accordance with AS1170.
  • Review pedestrian safety guardrails along staircases and walkways between levels, and review the need for anti-climbing barriers. This is particularly important to ensure the safety of children.
  • Identify any potential blind spots when entering and exiting, and when driving around the facility. Consider the need for high impact end ramp barriers and safety guardrails that may need upgrading.
  • Check the overall facility has adequate signage, lighting and ventilation, and that the vehicle driveways line marks are clearly visible.

Carpark Compliance Solutions import and distribute a comprehensive range of fully engineered and tested vehicle, pedestrian and industrial safety?barrier systems that meet or exceed Australian Standard AS1170.1.

If you?re concerned about whether your facility fully complies with Australian Stands, or would like to undertake a car park safety audit please call us on 1300 716 766 or visit www.carparkcs.com.au.

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