Smart parking solutions help mitigate virus spread

During this diverse time of a global COVID-19 pandemic, the government and public are united in the principles aimed at keeping Australians healthy and minimising economic disruption. Guidelines suggest that reducing the amount of human to human contact and keeping at least 1.5 metres apart will diminish the spread of the virus and fewer people are likely to get ill. That’s where we see measures like encouraging people to work from home and not even being able to shake hands, for the risk of contamination.

Some jobs and services are unavoidably public facing and contact heavy. Traditionally, parking inspectors have to be in the street, in highly populated areas to perform their core duties.

In addition to exposure to the virus, with heightened tension and fears due to uncertainty, potential job losses and health ramifications, parking inspectors are susceptible to bearing the brunt of unfavourable reactions for merely undertaking their jobs during this time. With some Councils reporting an increase in abuse over recent months. Councils can eliminate this with resource saving smart technology and remote-based solutions.

As we see Australia— and the world— become much more savvy and innovative during this time, it’s a great opportunity for workers to adapt their roles so there is less risk to them and the wider public.

Councils and local government are seeing opportunities to help halt the spread of COVID-19 and protect the valuable health of our workforce. Adelaide created, AutoFine is an example of such smart technology solutions.

It also has the benefit of altering a poorly managed facet of council and corporations’ operations, so staff resources can be allocated to other front line and essential services.

At a time when we must unite, there are options to provide safer resources.


About AutoFine

This inspector-less parking technology uses vehicle detection sensors and high resolution cameras, whilst effortlessly managing fines and overstays. It’s a fully automated monitoring system for on street parking which eliminates the need for manual parking inspecting.

AutoFine also saves countless people hours, offers significantly less human error and more accurate results.

AutoFine was developed by a leading Australian smart parking technology solutions, eSMART 21, based in Adelaide.


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