Smart Parking launches Tessera

Smart Parking are proud to announce the launch of Tessera – Smart Parking’s compliance management system platform and mobile app.

Tessera harnesses the power of Smart Parking’s SmartCloud platform to offer a market leading end-to-end parking management and enforcement system.

Starting with the range of vehicle detection hardware, through to smart city building blocks, variable message signage, customisable parking guidance & payment app, and the SmartCloudAPI service packs, this unique range of parking management technology delivers a solution that is ideally fit for purpose in almost any car park asset needing better management.

The Tessera app enables city parking wardens to patrol a parking site far more efficiently and safely. The app functionality includes real time, automatic alerts from in-ground sensors when a parking breach – such as an overstay or non payment – has occurred. Using the in-built Google Maps feature, directions to the specific bay where a parking breach has occured are given to the warden, and the app then has functionality to record parking and vehicle details, take photographic evidence, refer to policy catalogues, locate and communicate with other wardens in the field, and using Bluetooth, connects to a belt printer for printing and placing parking breach notices.

All details collected in the field by parking wardens is automatically uploaded to SmartCloud – Smart Parking’s real-time, global scale services platform.

In SmartCloud each individual parking breach is collated and configured for a seamless process flow for the complete case lifecycle – from initial breach, through to evidence collection, infringement issuance, appeals, and final case settlement.

More than just parking

These days, sensors are used to monitor countless smart city services, and that’s why Smart Parking built Tessera to not only collect data from our own parking sensors, but to also have an open API that fully integrates with other city assets.

This means that via a single app, city wardens can monitor not only parking but other services such as animal control, refuse collection cycle, utilities and services, and more. This equips the officers and the central office with the benefits of having a unified, consistent management system that ties all compliance aspects of your organisation’s services together for effective day to day operations.

“Compliance policy management demands comprehensive information control mechanisms which establish simple coordination of the multitude of processes which span many criteria. These now include automated IoT types of capabilities, real-time data system interactions, interactive mobile compliance officer duties, flexible issuance of breach notices and charges, diverse compliance case workflow processing and flexible business process automation, and the broad capabilities of back-office compliance functions with secure traceability of all compliance case details.

The power and simplicity delivered by our Compliance intelligence platform fulfils the demands of new challenges within compliance policy management”, said John Heard, Smart Parking Group CTO

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