The Role of Ticketless Parking in CX

There are some things that don’t change in this world such as the key principle in every business which is it is all about your customers. In this age where there is a continuous advancement in technology, businesses now have exceptional capabilities to improve their customer experience with their products and services; hence, nowadays, CX or Customer Experience is a hot topic in many discussions.

As a parking professional, no matter which industry you are in, your parking business is vital in your customer’s overall experience. In many cases, parking is the first and last touch point for every interaction of your customers with your business. How do you improve your CX through your parking business to ensure that your customers are highly satisfied each time they complete an interaction with your business?

The focus of this session is to examine the role that ticketless parking platforms play in CX. Using real business examples, Stewart and Brad will explore how shopping centres, airports and parking operators utilise ticketless parking platforms in their respective businesses to connect with their customers and ultimately, improve the overall CX of their businesses.

An interactive session, Stewart and Brad will facilitate discussions with you and your peers on how you can apply some of the tactics in the examples provided on your own parking business.

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