The Future is Lifi

Enhanced car park experience powered by Philips Indoor Positioning

LiFi is a disruptive technology that delivers high speed, bidirectional and networked wireless communications, similar to WiFi, except using light waves rather than radio frequencies to transmit data. The full potential of a LiFi network is still being discovered but LiFi can exchange data incredibly rapidly and securely at a much lower power level compared to WiFi.

The Philips Indoor positioning system works with LED luminaires that are embedded with visible light communication (VLC) technology. Using the light from the luminaires, the system sends a unique code to a mobile device, accurately pinpointing the user’s specific location on a map of the car park. The user’s device is now location-aware and the app delivers location-based services and can guide the user back to their car space or to the nearest shop entry or exit.

Smartphones already provide a wealth of information, and with apps and services powered by Philips Indoor positioning, you can make the car park experience even better while improving your car parking performance. Data gathered from the smartphone app can provide valuable insights for car park managers/owners, including information about space use, dwell time and shopper/user journeys.


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