Tech Talk – Parking Data improving Urban Cities

We live in a day of data collection and analytics, and the collection of accurate and meaningful data will directly be in line with one’s ability to improve performance and increase efficiency.

Parking data is all about knowing the activities of a parking bay. This includes occupancy/vacancy of a bay, the duration of use, the frequency of use, and also detecting any overstays on a parking bay.  The benefits of having a collection of accurate, real-time data extends to multiple stakeholders; not just the owner of the parking bay.

Parking data will allow drivers to easily find an available spot, which in turn will reduce search traffic, and also decrease emissions from the car.  Parking data allows the administrators to easily enforce overstays.  Parking operators can use parking data for increased revenue and also improve the utilisation of the parking spaces.

Like all collected data-based strategies, data is only effective when it is absolutely accurate.  One incorrect piece of data, or misinterpreted data, could impact the overall system.  Nedap will speak on using accurate parking data to improve efficiency in congested urban cities.

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