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Brisbane Releases Parking Recommendations

Parking Australia has announced its support of Brisbane City Council’s new recommendations on parking for the city.

Brisbane City Council’s Parking Taskforce handed down 55 recommendations earlier this month, suggesting a range of initiatives throughout the city and its suburbs, following an extensive 6 month review of parking.

“We look forward to assisting Brisbane City Council through the implementation of the taskforce recommendations and applaud the investment in more comprehensive signage and technology to better manage the city’s parking resources”, said Chief Executive Officer of Parking Australia, Lorraine Duffy.

The Parking Taskforce, which was headed by Deputy Mayor Adrian Schrinner, has indicated that the proposed changes will come into force over the next three to twelve months.

Parking Australia welcomed the opportunity to participate in the taskforce with a view to collaborating with Brisbane City Council and related sectors.

“It is our objective to work with all sectors to assess how private parking facility operators can help to reduce congestion by minimising circulating traffic. The commitment by Brisbane City Council of parking technology will deliver a significantly greater level of service to visitors and residents of Brisbane?, commented Ms Duffy.

“Whilst the focus of the Taskforce was about ?on street parking?, our members that operate private parking facilities will continue to innovate and can deliver alternate parking modes for car sharing, bike parking and end of trip facilities to assist and encourage other modes of transport and be a central mobility hub for CBD locations.?

“Private operators invest heavily in technology, safety and compliance and will continue to offer the most appropriate pricing, based on demand”, said Chief Executive, Lorraine Duffy.

Parking Australia is the national body representing the interests of the parking industry in Australia, providing leadership, education, technical and other information to all parties associated with the parking industry.

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