Parking Operators Adopt Accredited Operator Scheme

Parking Australia, the national association for the parking industry, has announced ACE Parking, Care Park, Secure Parking and Wilson Parking have adopted, and are being audited on, the code of practice put forward by the Accredited Operator Scheme (AOS). On 4th November, Secure Parking was the first private operator to be awarded Accredited Operator status, with the rest likely to follow close behind.

The AOS aims to improve the parking experience for motorists, businesses and communities. By having private parking operators agree to a common code of practice, the AOS can ensure greater transparency, fairness and accountability among those accredited, significantly improving the parking experience for all. Accredited Operators will be identifiable through the AOS symbol displayed within accredited car parks.

“Accredited members have agreed to a code of practice, which will help improve the overall parking experience. We’re delighted to confirm some of the leading private parking operators in Australia have signed up to the Accredited Operator Scheme and are in the process of securing Accredited Operator status,” said Lorraine Duffy, Chief Executive at Parking Australia.

“As part of the accreditation process, these providers will be audited to ensure they meet the required standards. This includes practices like having clear and visible signage, consistent branding and terms of entry to the car park, to ensure greater transparency of parking restrictions among motorists.”

The new scheme also aims to address the growing issue of ‘car park squatting’, where motorists illegally park on private land for extended periods of time. Recent research from Parking Australia shows rogue parkers are potentially putting one in four retailers out of business.

“The illegal use of parking facilities by ‘car park squatters’ is having a significant impact on our local communities. Not only does it have the potential to put our local retailers at risk, but it will also impact our roads, as people circle for a park and increase congestion,” said Duffy.

“However, we need to ensure rogue parkers are deterred in a fair manner, and we don’t end up with a scenario where motorists feel they are being unfairly treated by a small number of operators. That’s where the AOS comes into play. The AOS is underpinned by a robust Code of Practice in order to maintain a fair balance between the rights of a motorist and those involved in the management and enforcement of private parking facilities.”

The AOS is but one of a series of initiatives forming the Parking Quality Scheme being developed by Parking Australia, as the association looks to improve the parking experience across Australia. For more information on the AOS, visit


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