*5 tips to secure internet of things

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The Internet of Things is expanding into the business world at an incredible place, from traffic monitoring systems in cities to sensors that target shoppers with special offers and industrial automation systems in power plants.

Studies on the growth of IoT estimate that by the end of this decade 26 billion connected objects will be in use. These devices will generate a projected 44 trillion gigabytes of data by that same year.

However, it appears that the vulnerability of these technologies in terms of security is just as much in question as with previous technologies, with studies having already demonstrated this fact.

With tens of billions of IoT products flowing into the market place over the next decade it is important that we learn from our mistakes of the past and prioritise security accordingly to minimise threats to corporate networks such as denial-of-service attacks, privacy violations, malware infections, system hijackings, sensitive data theft.

IT security firm, Trustwave, have identified five things that you should be doing to secure your Internet of Things and reduce your risk:

  1. Know what you’ve signed up for – If you’re creating or deploying an IoT technology, understand how it operates. What data is it collecting? Why is it being collected? Where is it stored?
  2. Avoid the market rush – Security should never be an afterthought, build it in and maintain it from the start.
  3. Test, don’t guess – Security testing helps you understand what assets reside on your network and discover weaknesses across your IoT environment.
  4. Hold vendors accountable – If you’re purchasing IoT from a third-party, vet their security in much the same way you would your own.
  5. Practice defense in-depth – IoT is an entire ecosystem that requires a thorough set of security measures, including authentication controls, DDoS protection, intrusion prevention, web application firewalls, incident monitoring, patching and incident response.

A recent Trustwave webinar comprehensively covered the IoT revolution and what it means for the security of businesses. Watch it here on demand via the Trustwave website.

To read this article in full visit the Trustwave Blog page. Information supplied courtesy ofwww.trustwave.com.

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