*Has your data already been breached?

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Has your data already been breached?

18 January 2016

According to IT security firm, Trustwave, there’s a popular saying in the security industry. There are two types of companies ? one’s that have been breached and one’s that don?t know it yet. Trustwave estimates that the average time between an initial security intrusion and detection of the intrusion is 188 days (more than 6 months), with some breaches permitting attackers to access systems for more than four years at a time.

Security experts agree that companies should operate under the assumption that they?ve already been compromised. These days attackers are so adept at what they do, there is high likelihood that you have been exposed to the risk of a breach. If you aren?t finding these breaches, says Trustwave, then the attackers are probably just too good for you to notice their presence. “Attackers target companies of all sizes, no matter how obscure you think you may be, you should expect to be eventually attacked”, says Eric Cole of the Sans Institute, a US company which specializes in information security and cybersecurity training.

Trustwave recently released a definitive hands-on guide to achieving successful IT security. The 32-page e-book walks you through everything you need to know to address data protection, from defining common challenges and modern threats to assembling a practical defense strategy to evaluating solution providers. To download a copy of the free book – click here to visit the Trustwave website.

Information supplied courtesy of Trustwave www.trustwave.com

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