COVID Safe Parking Initiative

Parking Australia began a COVID Safe Parking initiative at the beginning of the crisis, by asking members who provide apps to list them on the Parking Australia website. We are looking to take this a step further, to include all frictionless parking.

If you have not already had your businesses listed on our website, then I encourage you to contact us and we will endeavour to add you as soon as we can.

This initiative applies to both on and off-street parking and with Parking Australia looking at ways we can inform and encourage motorists to use the myriad of apps and online platforms to book, pay and access parking.

In addition to this, Parking Australia will look to encourage motorists to use services provided by Parking Australia members, and encourage motorists to not only be COVID Safe, but also assess their parking options including signing up to various platforms and joining loyalty programs.

Parking Australia will have more on this initiative in the coming weeks, including a fact sheet for motorists. We encourage you to be a participant in this initiative, which will refer motorists back to the website to see the COVID Safe parking providers’ list.

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