Compliance Monitoring and Feedback

The compliance monitoring programme offers practical advice and guidance to members, whilst delivering regular site assessments and operational audits and addressing compliance issues that have arisen from complaints made by members of the public.

Parking Australia via the AOS operates a sanction system in order to encourage compliance of the Code. This includes a complaints procedure which allows people who feel that an operator is not complying with the code to refer matters to us.

You must first complain directly to the Operator
If you were to provide feedback directly to the AOS, the first thing that we would do is require the Operator to respond to it. For this reason we require all feedback and complaints to be directed to the Operator in the first instance so that they may try and resolve matters with you.

If you feel a parking operator who is a member of the AOS has breached the Code of Practice, and if you have contacted the parking operator directly and consider that they have not addressed your feedback appropriately, then you can then refer the matter to the AOS using the feedback form below (providing a full description of the issue).

Upon receipt, and where appropriate, the AOS will investigate the matter and will take disciplinary action where necessary. The AOS’s decision is final in such circumstances

Please note, the AOS will not consider complaints about individual parking charges. If you are aggrieved about receiving a parking charge then you need to consider appealing against that charge with the operator – not making a complaint.

Please read carefully – the AOS can only review complaints against operators subject to the following limitations:

Complaints must:

a) Relate to a specific incident between the person complaining and the Operator,

b) Identify a material, sanctionable breach of the Code of Practice by the operator, and

The AOS cannot

a) Interfere with decisions of Parking Operators in relation to the validity of charges that they issue

b) Interfere with or influence in any way, appeals that may be ongoing between you and the operator.

An AOS Operations Manager will then review your complaint and the operator’s response against the above criteria and take any necessary action. The AOS will endeavour to respond to you within 28 days with the result of your complaint. Where a complaint is of sufficient gravity, it may be referred to an independent adjudicator, in which case you will be notified but your complaint may take longer than 28 days to resolve. We thank you for your patience in advance.

Contact the AOS Team

If you have feedback or wish to complain about a Parking Australia member you should always make contact with the company or organisation first with the full details about your feedback. We are unable to assist with complaints about individual parking incidents or appeals against a parking notice. However if you believe that there has been a breach against the Code of Practice or you have feedback (we welcome positive feedback as well) you can send it to the AOS team using the form below.

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