Enhancing the customer experience with digital wayfinding

By Tegan Worrall, CV Media & Design

Often the customer’s first point of physical contact with a brand, a car park has the opportunity to create a strong impression and brand connection. Typically, when customers arrive at a car park they are stressed, in a hurry and looking to find a space as quickly as possible. As the focus on providing a positive, unique and engaging customer experience continues to grow, car park operators are embracing new technology.

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Develop Custom Software or Buy it Commercial Off the Shelf?

By Steve Bungay, Director, Envision IT Group

When it comes to purchasing products for activities such as word processing, spreadsheet or presentation software, it’s not difficult to decide whether we should buy a ‘packaged off the shelf’ product or get one custom developed. The packaged products come with loads of functionality and typically provide more functionality than needed.

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Adventures of Parking Australia’s President, Cristina Lynn

 I have just spent two months in Sicily with my husband, and whilst the principal objective of the trip was to enjoy good food and wine in the company of new and old friends and relations, we could not help but notice the unique parking, driving and traffic culture on this Mediterranean island. By nature it is a land of contradictions with some of the most wonderful things surviving along (and despite of) many terrible others…. But I digress!      

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Santa Monica Parking Structure

Car park upgrades to benefit both users and operators

By Michael Reid, General Manager, Carpark Compliance Solutions

Australia’s reliance on motor vehicles is legendary and while some reports indicate a dip in car ownership due to younger generations shunning cars in favour of car sharing, the recent ABS figures[1] indicate car ownership remains high with currently 12 million vehicles on our roads.

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