Better parking management without a complete tech overhaul

Mismanagement of car parks can result in congestion, frustrated drivers and accidents. Having a modern parking management and parking guidance system is paramount for customer experience and mobility improvements, but the adoption of new technologies to improve the situation has been terribly slow. Why? Mostly because many systems on the market are stand-alone and proprietary, requiring a big project to rip out your current system and replace it with a new one.

But there is a better way. Genetec’s open architecture system allows you to connect multiple sub-systems and devices together into a single pane of glass. Keep your current infrastructure in place and incrementally improve the system with new sensors and digital signage as the need arises.

By Christian C Lemire, Intelligent Mobility Practice Lead, Genetec

How can adding elements with an open architecture parking management system help?

  1. Parking availability: Availability can be calculated based on License Plate reads, with data from ground loop or vehicle sensors, or ingested from a third-party parking or Single Space Guidance system.
  2. Parking guidance: Guide drivers to an open space with dynamic message signs. The availability of different sections can be displayed to let the driver make the decision or the sign can make the decision for the driver by pointing out the direction to take. Factor in travel time to find the fastest way to an open spot.
  3. Parking enforcement: Officers can use mobile license plate recognition to quickly find parking offenders and issue tickets. Connect to permit and payment systems, and optimise enforcement officer routes.
  4. Security: Genetec’s unified solution and open platform integrates the management of video surveillance and access control solutions. Choose a Genetec solution, or plug in your existing security systems.
  5. Multi-site monitoring: Distribute vehicle flow through the parking guidance system at peak times, and centralise security and enforcement monitoring.

The unification of multiple sensors and systems allows parking management agencies the most flexibility in terms of technology choice, and a path to incrementally improve parking operations without breaking the bank.

Christian Chenard Lemire is coming all the way from Montreal Canada, to present in Melbourne on 17-18 September.  For more information, on how Genetec can help you solve your parking management challenges, contact Gary Byrne – Parking, Traffic & ITS, Hills at

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