AI leader brings automation & business efficiency to parking operations

Artificial Intelligence is making rapid inroads into many sectors and parking is no exception. Leading the way is Australian AI company SenSen Networks with breakthroughs that were impossible even two years ago. By using a combination of neural networks and deep learning algorithms, SenSen is able to automate the complete business process around civic compliance and enforcement operations.

The system is not restricted to the traditional staples – paid zones, permit areas, limited time zones – and can adapt to the dynamically changing conditions of a modern city including No Stopping, Loading Zones, Bus/Taxi Zones and parking on nature strips. Built-in machine learning features can also pick up waste dumping and other illegal behaviour that often occurs in and around car parks

Because the system takes its data from cameras, there is indisputable evidence to back up all types of enforcement including fines and prosecutions, all while keeping rangers and officers out of harm’s way.

“There is no other system that can deliver automation across all city-wide parking operations,” said SenSen founder Subhash Challa. “AI makes this possible in an era when computing power is available at a price that better suits city budgets. Cities can manage their parking assets more efficiently, the system runs around the clock in all weather conditions, and parking officers can move off the streets into more enjoyable and valuable work.”

SenSen is currently rolling out its technology for city councils, universities, police forces and business campuses worldwide. The system complements rather than competes with payment smartphone apps, self-service parking permits and mobile scanning technologies that have become popular in recent years leading to additional gains in productivity and ROI.

“Our people are highly skilled in the latest AI techniques so we looked at all aspects of what makes a modern Smart City and took advantage of falling hardware prices and advances in available processing power,” Challa said. “It’s no exaggeration to say we have re-written the book on what can be automated when a high-definition camera looks at a vehicle, person, sign or even tree.”

As an example of its prowess in extreme weather conditions, SenSen has recently won parking contracts in Canada (Calgary and Edmonton) where non-reflective licence plates are being read in snow-covered conditions with 98.7% accuracy day and night.

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