*8 Security Shortfalls You Can’t Afford to Overlook

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The critical importance of data security hit the headlines again in January when US company Park ‘N Fly confirmed that a data breach had taken place. The breach exposing card numbers, names, billing addresses, card expiration dates and CVV?codes of customers who had made reservations through Park ‘N Fly’s e-commerce website.

While the data breach has since been contained, a statement from Park ‘N fly management confirmed that they are still investigating along with law enforcement and private security companies.”While the investigation is ongoing, it has been determined that the security of some data from certain payment cards that were used to make reservations through PNF’s e-commerce website is at risk.”

IT Security firm, Trustwave, estimate that the frequency of data breaches, such as this one, is likely to continuing increasing throughout 2015. “The threats have catapulted security onto the boardroom agenda, but the fact remains that most organizations are operating at some level of denial”. With this in mind, Trustwave have outlined eight IT security shortfalls that you cannot afford to overlook in the current climate.

  1. Your software is broken:?Destructive vulnerabilities are everywhere and as such, organisations must be better equipped to detect vulnerabilities across their networks, applications and databases, through automated scanning and in-depth penetration testing.
  2. You can’t stop the threats:? Companies must look past traditional technologies to more advanced solutions, such as anti-malware gateways, web application firewalls and SIEMs, in order to grapple with the sophistication of modern-day malware.
  3. You have data everywhere:? Understanding where your sensitive data lives can help you protect the important stuff and eliminate anything that doesn’t need to be kept.
  4. Your employees are mistake-prone:?A security awareness program can educate unwitting employees and help diminish the risk of threats from clicking on links or attachments which contain viruses.
  5. None of your co-workers are talking to each other:?Organisations must foster a strategic, risk-based culture where security is valued, and intelligence is shared with all parts of the business.
  6. Your perimeter is dead:?It’s critical to understand which systems are trying to connect to your network. Also, mind your outsourced suppliers. Vendor risk management is more important than ever.
  7. It can happen to you:?Responses to data breaches remain poor, from bungled at best to oblivious at worst. Incident response and readiness, therefore, must become a priority. Invest, test the plans regularly and get everybody on board with them.
  8. You need help:?The most immediate way to solve impediments such as resource shortages is by augmenting your staff with a proven and skilled provider that specialises in security.

This article contains an extract from the Trustwave blog article ‘Why it’s the Perfect Time for a Security Intervention’. To read the article in full – click here.

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